Officina NAG: for a new kind of craftsmanship

The constructive side of NAG comes to life in its workshop. An always-open laboratory in which NAG prototypes its ideas and creates limited editions of objects and certificated installations.

Officina NAG is a container for projects brought to tangible, physical life in the lab. Projects which seem very diverse but which share the NAG concept and narrative style. The workshop produces limited editions capable of interweaving with the contemporary while drawing on an original dimension free from time. They are productions thought up and brought to life by NAG using a multidisciplinary language capable of identifying human beings’ primary and essential features.

NAG Officina is rigor outside the rules. In essence, it is a triangular box (the smallest number of sides that a box can have while holding its shape, but flexible in its dimensions and in what it can contain) which collects conceptions with a strong emotional impact, supported by production videos and an illustrated booklet. NAG is an acupuncturist: its products energetically enhance the spaces in which we live. Officina NAG creates living objects, not just visual textures but objects that can be touched. Officina NAG works to glorify imperfection, bringing out the poetry latent in the material and dedicating time and energy to managing the production of all its artefacts personally. NAG is convinced that the search for wellbeing follows paths in harmony with the landscape, spaces and time.

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