TSS Office: interior design florence

The project for a shared office in novoli is located in one of the interiors of the recently renovated Villa Demidoff complex. The design was born from the need to divide the spaces to accomodate two offices of different types (one of business consulting and the other for psychological treatment) while maintaining a beneficial use of common areas and dialogue between users. The entire invention is solved be the insertion of three elements that organize the space. The first is a gold wall, consisting of three glass panels and wire mesh, wich makes the consulting office autonomous while maintaining a visual permeability with respect to entrance and waiting room. Two monolithic blocks of birch are also inserted, a long horizontal plan for the consulting office, a new box for digital signatures divided from the waiting room by a heavy suspended panel and with respect to the corridor by means of a monolithic vertical column.
The inserted elements rationalize the original configuration and redesign the spacial configuration of the environment, keeping the service spaces (archive – bathroom – digital signature box – waiting room) in the less luminous part.


Project: NAG

Photography: Mattia Donati

Customer: Trend Sinergie Sviluppo Srl

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