Kronos & Kairos: the two times

Kronos e Kairos is a NAG object which reflects on the circularity of time.

In ancient mythology there were two representations of time. KRONOS, the god who devours his children as time devours the hours. KAIROS, the god with the long lock of hair, the time to be seized, the right moment.

Time as chronological articulation into moments, days, months and years. Time as memory and interweaving, appearance and intuition. The one animated by a lucid rationality, the other vivid and intense.

Kronos is like an arrow, a straight line – Kairos is the moment of return, a circle.
The one is a flat plane, the other a bundle of intersections and references.
In Kronos the moment is a little shipwreck from a greater measurement.
In Kairos the moment can live forever.

The Kronos&Kairos are limited edition wall-furnishings painted with Japanese brushes and personally overseen by NAG Officina through all the stages, from the wooden stand to the finished painting.
They are supported by production videos and an illustrated booklet.
The first live examples are already making their mark in the world.

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