HANDS: inevitable forms

Hands is a series of NAG objects, wall installations drawn from a photographic project: the catalogue of the world’s hands.

Hands is not only an installation, it is a system of relationships, a developing file. A quadrant of hands from all kinds of places, but each with a story to tell. The hands shake each other, speak, and move with the observer.

The shape of the hand. Necessary expression of communication, defense, construction, work, and touch.
The hand that is a thinking organ, not just a functional one – exploratory and at the same time receptive.
The hand as temporal abyss, register of recent “chronological” life and record of distant memories.
The hand is the touch which sees beyond the limit of the retina into a deep dimension of dreams.
The hand reacts, and with your eyes you can touch the moon.

The Hands NAG models are limited edition wall decorations. The portraits have been taken directly by us at NAG Officina, travelling around the world, and we also oversaw the conception and production of the wooden support.
They are supported by a production video and an illustrated booklet.
The first live examples are already making their mark in the world.


Project: NAG

Photography: Mattia Donati and Gabriele Di Virgilio

Exhibition: Fabula Project Gallery, Ferrara, 2019; Aji Tei, Florence, 2019.


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