NAG Atelier: Architecture and Design

NAG Atelier came into being to add value to ideas. It proposes design concepts and plans on a human scale. NAG works in landscape and narrative. Its projects are rooted in the places it engages with, creating a real bond with their ecosystem and what is already there. NAG’s projects reverberate, breathe, vibrate.

Through its Atelier, NAG addresses private clients and institutions who are looking for solutions or creative springboards for enhancing spaces, objects and events. NAG is interested in graphical communication and imagines new objects, architectures and installations. These different activities cohabit in NAG, collaborating to define a single unified project.

The Atelier develops like a coral. Its ideas evolve laterally, often along irregular, multi-directional, unpredictable lines without specific goals except in their implicit significance. NAG’s projects are not concerned with trends, they embrace becoming, welcome new crossovers and hybridizations with other disciplines, reacting to the context, which changes every day. At the same time, NAG’s productions are thought of as being outside the contingency of time. They are robust and built to last.

At this moment, the Atelier has ecological and sensory solutions (KORO), office design and realization (TSS Office), and urban concepts ready for our cities (CIMò). But also a selection of architectural, design and art projects which are already completed or ready for further development. These are the ideas with which NAG came into being, is growing and spreading. Leafing through the galleries of images it is possible to catch the essential nature of NAG, and feel the thread that runs through its future imaginings, thoughts, and productions.

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