A meticulous creative Studio,
focused on Essence and searching for the Simple.

Open to new customers, clients and collaborations.
Areas of intervention: branding and visual identity design and art direction, press and editorial design, retail design and furnishing.

NAG is a crossroads of ideas about the spaces in which we live, a container in which new architectures, new design concepts, and graphic identities are planned. 
Ecological solutions and sensory design, which come to life from meetings and inspirations in Florence and over the world. NAG is learning body, able to deliver results in accordance with the requests; a careful look at the customer’s needs; a tailored and essential proposal.
NAG’s philosophy is to embrace different naturae to realize creative and effective concepts; enhancing places, events and circumstances.
NAG’s projects are not concerned with trends, they embrace becoming, welcome new crossovers and hybridizations with other disciplines, reacting to the context, which changes every day. Each subject is unique, each company culture is unique, rhythms and times are unique.

Via di Novoli, 33,50127, Firenze, Italy
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+39 328 9649131

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