NAG is a crossroads of ideas about the spaces in which we live, a container in which new architectures, new design concepts, and an augmented reality are planned.

Ecological solutions and sensory design, which come to life from meetings and inspirations in Florence and over the world.
NAG is always on the move, but is based in Florence and currently also at the University of Architecture in Ferrara, at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and at Waseda University in Tokyo. NAG is a citizen of the world and curious about everything.
Plans for research are accompanied by knowledge and assimilation of ideas from near and far, and their philosophical and creative re-development.

NAG Atelier is an embryo, a point which develops and welcomes in its simplicity projects of architecture, design and visual art like an expanding organism.
The point is the most elementary of geometrical forms, but is also capable of growing into a circle without division and distinction.
From this origin, the Atelier develops like a coral, a continual and developmental regeneration in multiple directions, for contemporary design and a communication which attends to the flow of time.

Officina NAG  works directly on creating multidimensional objects capable of enriching the way we live in the spaces where we spend our lives.
The Officina is a box of ideas, an essential container which adapts itself to what gets born and moves inside it.
In this space, NAG fine-tunes its ideas with prototypes and models from the studio. Here, NAG self-constructs new letters for his sentences.
The officina’s projects come out of thoughts and reflections which take physical form in graphic products and designs.
The Officina produces limited editions of solid objects which by their very existence make from and material, essence and existence, echo against each other.

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